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Golf Course Sports Ground

We provide an extensive range of services for the golf course and sports turf needs using the right tools for the job and working with defined accuracy.

• Custom Fertilizer Applications:

Planned and scheduled fertilization

We plan our maintenance schedules in such a way that custom fertilization is carried out without missing any area.

• Deep Tine /Aeration/over seeding:

Newest Deep tine aeration techniques

These work extremely efficiently to create deep holes into the turf without removing much soil. This helps improve the golf greens for optimal play.

• Custom mowing:

Smooth cut mowers for sports fields and golf courses

State-of-the-art mowing equipment coupled with our expertise for well-manicured golf courses and sports grounds.

• Top Dressing: Compensating deficiencies scientifically

Adding a second round of nitrogen during the late dormancy to the early greening period helps uniform growth patterns.

• Insect & Disease Control:

Reduction of growth inhibitors

We help control biotic and abiotic turf disorders through timely weed control, other pest control intervention, and nutrient management.

• Growth patterns

• Soil monitoring




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Mokashi Farm & Nursery, Bamne Sarlambe Road, P.O. Aware, Kavdas Village, Taluka: Shahapur, District: Thane

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