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We design. We build. We transform.

Adopt a healthier environment with smarter solutions.

Landscaping Softscape
& Hardscape 

Excellence in Landscaping

Water Bodies, Pools & Water Scapes

We design. We build. We transform. 
Adopt a healthier environment with smarter solutions

Landscape Lighting and Paving

Economical and environmentally friendly lighting solutions

Landscaping Design and Consultancy services

Choose the best landscaping design from the rest
Consult Pushpam Today for more details.

Plant, Tree, and Turf Nursery

Grow your health, Grow a garden
Time to nurture the environment Today


Save Water, Save Future
Adopt irrigation for a better tomorrow with Pushpam

Tree Transplantation

Transplant trees. Get instant gratification and real value from aesthetics. We have the tree knowledge and equipment for the safe relocation and transplantation of trees.

Landscape and Turf Care Machinery

We are meeting the demands of professional turf care and landscaping equipment.

Golf Course Sports Ground

We provide an extensive range of services for the golf course and sports turf needs using the right tools for the job and working with defined accuracy.


Arboriculture is the cultivation, maintenance, and management of
woody stemmed perennial plants; primarily trees.



438, ‘PUSHPAM’ 10th Road, Chembur, Mumbai-400071, India

Mail: landscape.pushpam@gmail.com
Tel: (+91) 9619337778
Fax: (22) 25293245


Mokashi Farm & Nursery, Bamne Sarlambe Road, P.O. Aware, Kavdas Village, Taluka: Shahapur, District: Thane

Mail: landscape.pushpam@gmail.com
Tel: (+91) 9821036302

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Your Space. Your Way.

Come let’s create smarter, healthier spaces that are futuristic and attractive.


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